Stuff I like and think you might too

The butterfly effect


Watch this to see that there is logic in this madness and everything is happening for a reason!

Dr. Bruce Lipton - THE MOST Life Changing Video of the 21st Century


Find out how you got programmed into what you are still playing into today. Learn how decisions are made and the relationships between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Gabby Bernstein: The Universe Has Your Back


Watch this to be reminded that you're not the one calling the shots... but the one that does is awesome and has your back!

Personal Values Assessment


Complete your own Values assessment and identify for yourself when you live life from a lens of lack  vs a place of trust and abundance. 

Get in touch to work out what you can do to turn this around

16 personalities


Take the test... what have you found out that you didn't realise before?

Brene Brown - the power of vulnerability


Why vulnerability is your strength and why being you is better than hiding behind something or someone you're not