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Life coaching / Emotional healing


Call it what you will, labels are not as important to me as the results you'll leave here with. People come to see me with fears that keep them rooted to the ground, yet they leave here flying.

People who have no idea how to listen to their true self, learn to be congruent and hear the secret of the Universe.

I work with people to release what has been locked inside them for years and I show them their true path is not only already well paved, it is also well lit. 


Values based Coaching


When you lead life honouring your values, you find trust, abundance, love, content and joy. 

When you lead life where values are not honoured, you find pain, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, feeling of being stuck and not being able to trust - yourself, others or that things are ever going to get better.

Values based coaching allow us to identify your core values and help you better understand where your actions are coming from.

This is a deep and profound work that suits individuals, teams and leaders. Get in touch to find out more. We will be using the Barrett Values Centre tools.

You may access a free Personal Values Assessment here 

To make sense of the report please contact me to arrange an interpretation session (priced at £) 

Breakthrough Process


This is one of the most profound processes there are and one that is guaranteed to change your life. For the better. 

The Breakthrough Process is an NLP process which allows the person to 'clear' all the crap from their lives to date and reinstall new learnings and healing that go with them from now on. It's a process that helps you to put a stop to the rollercoaster you've been experiencing so far and allows you to continue with the rest of your life a fixed person.

I have had the Breakthrough Process done and I really think this is the best present a person can give themselves.

Get in touch to hear more about it

Chronic Pain and Phobias release


Chronic pain that resides in your body  for more than 12 weeks could be a sign of misalignment between body and mind.

I use proven techniques to help bring the balance back and get rid of the pain. Not all chronic pain can be treated in this way and I will need a letter from your doctor. 

Contact me for a free consultation.

I am please to say I have 100% success rate in the cases I've dealt with.

A phobia is a very intense kinaesthetic response to a specific trigger. I use NLP techniques to separate the emotions from the trigger and help you get rid of the phobia

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