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I use my pendulum all the time. It allows me to give voice to my unconscious mind. Get yours here:

Book: Mindset


I am recommending this book because it applies to all of us. Work out whether you are operating from a FIXED mindset or a GROWTH one and learn how to turn your life around:

Book: Man's search for meaning


I recommend this book as it takes something as horrendous and horrible as the Holocaust and shows that even in these circumstances, a person still has a choice: give up or fight. And when we think about our lives, our inner war... what choice are we making?

Book: A man called OVE


When you want to read something that is fun and different. Fall in love with OVE every time

Book: The easy way to stop smoking


I stopped smoking with the help of this book. I loved that on the first page I was encouraged to read the book while holding a cigarette. No issues, it said - you are not ready yet. Continue as you are and when you are ready, you will stop. And that's exactly what happened. I read the book while still smoking and at the end of it I put out my last ever smoke. I've been a non-smoker since 2001 :)

Singing Bowls


Great For Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Chakra Healing.