For individuals


This tool is like a torch shining bright light into areas of your life that you knew were not performing, but didn't know what to do instead.

The IVA (Individual Values Assessment) takes just a few minutes to complete and the report you get and the conversation we then hold is 100% eye opening and life changing experience.

Some people find truths about themselves that they realised and they go on to discover strengths and attitudes that turn how they show up 180 degree. 

Just by going through the assessment and the conversation (2 hours) you get incredible tools and understanding for your future.

At the end, if needed, we can continue with more pin pointed coaching to get you even more empowered and inspired to live life of purpose and joy

For organisations


Apart from the IVA, organisations also have the option to use a second type of assessment which is similar to the 360 degrees feedback used out there. 

Depending on the specific culture need we can have the whole team undertaking the IVA + conversation and then bring the whole team together to see where the gaps are and how getting together on the same page will increase productivity and moral in the team.

Another option is to work through the values together as a team and create together a shared vision and a team / company baseline.

The Barrett Model TM


The Barrett Seven Levels Model is the breakthrough work of Richard Barrett. Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and tested over more than two decades of real-world experience with thousands of organisations, the model identifies the seven areas that comprise human motivations. These range from basic survival at one end, to service and concern for future generations at the other.

It provides a proven and extraordinarily useful map for understanding the values of your employees, leaders, and stakeholders. Even better, it offers a means for creating more supportive and productive relationships between them, and a deeper alignment of purpose across your organisation.

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