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Are you a self-professed negative thinker? Do you put yourself down? Does self-doubt, low esteem and judgment drain your confidence?  

What would it be like to wake up each morning knowing you've 'Got This!?' Confident in every conversation, aligned with yourself and what feels right for YOU? Instead of giving your power away.

Isn't it time for your true strengths, talents and values to underpin your life so you get to live authentically? Life on your terms. 


I've been where you are now. Living a diluted life. Muffled in my strength and voice, longing to ring true.

I will show you how to bring your gifts to life. How to shine. You'll become skilled in trusting your senses, your deep intelligence and your power to navigate your life. Good judgment for sound decisions, find balance when you're challenged and celebrate how unique you are. 


A safe and trusted space of deep connection; time to untangle your patterns and triggers, and find balance when life is confusing. I'll show you how to work with your values, use your gifts and step into your power to create and connect with the best version of you. 

When you choose to work with me, you choose change and transformation. Together we'll see where you are, work out where you want to be, and how to get there - in your own authentic style! 


"I made contact with Einav as I was feeling stuck in life and completely low on energy. I wanted to make some changes in my career but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to make anything happen and was going around in circles. Einav immediately made me feel at ease and I was able to build an excellent relationship with her that allowed me to be honest and get to the root of what I was experiencing. Her skills and the techniques she used were so profound and for me personally, these processes have been life changing! I have increased energy, optimism and I am considering doing things with my life that before would feel too challenging or beyond my capabilities. Einav is an amazingly skilled and compassionate coach who I feel so grateful to have come across. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

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