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What can I help you with?

I work with people on one or all of these four levels:
1. Life coaching - feeling stuck, negative emotions, wanting more out of life, transformation, motivation, unconscious mind work
2. Values based coaching - what are your core values and how can you operate from a place or trust and abundance rather than fear and needs?
3. Overcoming anxiety (finding simplicity and going back to basics)
4. Chronic Pain - building on the body mind connection. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and curious to hear more, then please get in touch. 

Feeling burnout?

1 hour 'drop in' offer

If you're feeling like it doesn't matter what you do, the results you're getting don't match the effort you put in, then maybe we should talk.

If you're feeling like no one in this world understands what you're going through, then maybe we should talk.

If you're feeling isolated, resentful and tired of life, then maybe we should talk.

Use the link below to book a day and a time for us to talk. 

This offer is for a 1 hour conversation, that can lead to more, if needed.

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About me

My name is einav (pronounced ay-nav) and I am totally excited to have you here today.

I've properly started my coaching career around May 2018, when I completed my Master Practitioner of NLP course and realised Coaching (and healing) are my true calling.

I've always been told I have a special way with people, understanding what they are going through and helping them reframe their challenges so they get on with doing what they need to do rather than being rooted to their spot in fear. I guess now I still use my special gifts, and also use actual tools and techniques to help people get the change and transformation they seek.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people around, being able to use all of my life experience to help me be tentative and successful in a job I love.

Before getting into coaching I was a User Experience Lead and before that I was a System Tester, and while computers and system had their own charm, I find I like working with people most!

I live in London with my family. My 2 daughters are the most amazing thing in my life and the life lessons I receive from them should probably be made into a book :)

That's mostly it about me for now. If you'd like to find out more about working together then please get in touch. Regardless of whether we end up working together or not - a conversation is always welcome!

Stay well and curious,

einav x

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