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What can I help you with?

I work with people on three main areas:

1. Life coaching - feeling stuck, negative emotions, wanting more out of life, transformation, motivation and unconscious mind work.

2. Overcoming anxiety by reconnecting back to our core values

3. Chronic pain - total elimination of pain and negative emotions (case specific)

To work with me either on a one on one basis please book an initial free 30 minutes chat

About me

My name is einav  (pronounced aynav).

Before I got into Coaching I was very much an IT geek. I started as a System Tester and then moved into User Experience Design. I loved both of these areas, but somewhere deep inside I knew that I was meant to connect with people on a completely different level.  

I live in London with my family - I have 2 daughters which I adore. They are the most incredible thing in my life and the only two things that can make me burst with love and fury at the very same time. I guess this is the way it is for most parents.

I would love to have the chance to connect with you. To hear about your current challenges and together outline a way for us to work together. I believe change and transformation are possible. You just need to look at me to see how true this statement is! 

With much love,

einav xx

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